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*updated* - Treatment - "Escape"


By Marianna Michael 

LINDSAY MILLER (25F) is a pristine Australian native, with a passion for life. She has been working by the sea for the entirety of her adult life, teaching children how to swim and surf. When she, a middle child, is faced with her increasing battles of her own mental health, her priorities shift; Lindsay's cliched-vanilla-lifestyle means nothing to her. She could really become that which she has always dreamt. From her opulent seaside abode, she begins a journey to become a fashion student. 

On her arrival in London for her studies, it hits her; she may be able to escape people, a place and the memories it holds, but her mind is something in which she will have to work somewhat harder to comprehend and escape from. Here, she meets the first person who begins to challenge her thoughts, ALEXANDER BALMAIN (28M). 

Battling with what she sees as cliche, she becomes cynical; she sees her dreams as far too an idealistic life for her, and what she truly desires is something she now has to face. She is living the life she wants, in theory, but her mind does otherwise. Amongst all the greatness of London and the life she is now ‘living’ (to how it appears to an outsider), her world turns dark. Her world shatters in front of her and her attempts at living begin to diminish.

Alexander becomes something entirely different to her, than what she could ever fathom of her life; he is the only one who can see her darkness and can still catch the light that shines. She escapes not just her life back home, but her ideas of what things really are. She battles with her shattering life, and attempts to piece it together and though her mind breaks frequently, her world does not turn back. She must challenge everything she has ever believed and wanted, and thus, spectacular and sanity-threatening events await her and thus, she is left with a two-way street, and only one option as to where she ends up. She returns home for one final battle with her past, to make war, not peace with those she once saw as her saviours (whom she believed to be her family); now realising the extent of what others can do to one melodious soul. This is the final chapter of her becoming, where she realises, she is her own saviour.


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