Nicole Werner

Photographer/Graphic Designer



*|WATERCOLOR|* Color • Texture • Elegance


My artistic endeavors have evolved in the past decade. My background is in photography, and I am currently employed as an editorial photograper. I am also a graphic designer. most of my designs have been born out of pixels and vector graphics, but I find myself drawn (no pun intended ... well maybe a little) to organic, hand-drawn design. 

My best friend is an illustrator and a painter. I am like a kid in a candy shop watching taffy being made when I watch him draw and lay watercolors down on paper. It seems so effortless. 

When I first saw Katie's painting on Polyvore, I was inspired. So with great excitement, here I go ...



As I began the sketching process, I was having a difficult time grasping the style I thought I had in mind. I am probably too tense. I haven't found a balance between too much detail and not enough, so I was spanding a lot of time on how the heads and faces appeared on the bodies. I'm hopeful that as I begin the watercolor process, I will understand what the sketch should ideally have and not have.

Here is how I spent the first few days. Using a small sketch pad, I scribbled down whatever I felt should be done. Some of them were not based on any particular photograph. Note the odd little character down on the bottom left was created in a moment of frustration.

The following two sketches will be my first watercolors. They are about as different from one another as they come, so I think they'll be good practice. The sleek black dress versus the swirling multi-colored gown will each have their own style. 


This is my favorite image. The gown seems to be in constant motion with swirling, smooth silk. The colors swirl around the next like a blooming flower.

Also selected for its drama, this image captured my attention because of the cutouts on the gown. I love how the light beaming through the cutouts on the skirt are reflected on the ground.

Two Words: CLASSIC ELEGANCE. Need I say more?

Here, I begin to soften my palette. The floral headpieces are fascinating. The gown has such a sweet, soft innocence to it.

And now we're down to my favorit color. As sheer and minimalistic as this gown appears to be, there is still a softness. It's almos fairie like. I look forward to experimenting with the color play between the skin tones and the aqua marine when I pick up the paints.

I selected this image for its playfullness. It will be interesting to try my hand at detils such as the cable knit on her sweater, and the baubles on her bracelet. 


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