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*The Smug Venetian* Venice Travel Poster

I've never worked in Illustrator before (I've never even opened the program) so I wanted to choose something that seemed fairly easy. I mean, I am basically pre-beginner status. After looking through tons of amazing ads and travel posters, I decided on this guy:

Stage 1

I just finished putting together the basic shapes and colors using the pen tool. It took me a bit of time to figure out the best places to put my anchor points- its pretty hard to get the curves just perfect. The colors definitely still need some tweaking, but the basic outline is there. I'm looking forward to adding texture to both my outlines and the fill. I played around with using a textured brush/the paintbrush tool on the edges of my shapes to look more like the original. It kind of worked but I'm sure Brad's tutorial will show us a better way to do it. Can't wait to start on his face next! 


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