Christopher Bentley

Corporate Video Production



*Published* Put your own Graphics in a Game Boy Screen with After Effects

The class is now live! Along with the teaching, we're also providing the assets you need to get started with the project :) Check it out and enroll if there's value for you;

For my first class on Skillshare, I wanted to take 'screen-swapping' in a much more interesting, creative way.

For modern screen-swapping (on a laptop, iPad or Phone), there's plenty of free websites that cater to swapping in beautiful screens... This is different. 

I want to help you create 'interesting' ways to communicate with a cool, retro style video that you just can't automate.

The course itself will come woith files for you to use straight away, but we'll also go into how to light and film your device, record footage from your screen as well as how to create the effect using Adobe After Effects. 



This course will cover filming your device

Capturing footage to use

The required special effects


All the editing within the course will be completed through After Effects, you can try it for free on a 30-day trial

Or, if you have the time to learn on your own terms, you can use the footage prvided in a programme like Blackmagic Fusion for Free



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