*Leegloo - student project

A HUGE thank you Brooke Glaser for this class!

It was really helpful for me, and I'm more motivating than ever to try to make a living with my own art!


My Instagram : @leegloo.art


I'm Lena, a graphic designer in France, I've been drawing since forever and I also sew a lot. Recently I had kind of a revelation (more of a burn-out!) in my job: I don't want to work for projects and clients that don't suit me or value my work anymore.

I love sewing and explore different styles in my illustrations. I love mixing techniques! Screenprint allows me to handmade goodies with my own art (brooches for example), and I recently sew handmade and unique pencil cases. Sewing pencil cases was kind of logic for me: I love useful objects and I was never able to take all the supplies I wanted in my bag in a single pouch: every pouches I had was either too little, too rigid... I wanted one that represent me, when you see the pencil case you can say "this is Lena's pencil case!!".
I posted it on my Instagram, and directly had 3/5 demands! I really like to sew these, and I decided to try to launch my own business with pencil cases as a "featured" product. 


*Leegloo - image 1 - student project


1. What are you trying to achieve with your art business?

I want to live from my art, with handmade and unique/small series products. Illustrations of themes that are important for me (like nature and animals) but also goodies made with love and passion (pencil cases, brooches, screen printed accessories). 

2. What makes you and/or your art unique? What strengths or advantages do you have that others may not?

My pencil cases are colored, handmade, but also reflects their owner: every artists got their own art style, their sensibility, their tastes are different from one to another, their art supplies are too!

The pencil case reflect their taste and personality!

3. Explain in a sentence or two, what you hope to get help with from a 1:1 consultation with Brooke?'

I would love a chance to speak with Brooke about ways to find/target my audience, the tips to find the right products to propose to my clients, how to be able to "sell" myself and to sell my product to the right persons. 

How I can make all my products coherent even if they are different, etc.


*Leegloo - image 2 - student project

*Leegloo - image 3 - student project


Thank you for reading, I hope I didn't make too many faults!