*Final* - El Dorado: The legendary city of the impossible dreams.

A long time ago, the legend talk about a mitic place called 'El Dorado' (The gold). This legend describes a city where everything is made of gold, the streets, the river, the houses... Many explorers tried to find this city, but when they arrived there, they found nothing more than a legend...

My inspiration is El Dorado, because every woman is like this city: Shining, beautiful and a legend, who may be reached only by a true hero.

I found inspiration through designers like Alexander McQueen, Elie Saab and others.

(In my initial sketches I don't want to add many details in order to keep clean to work with watercolors. I'll be uploading another ones soon)

(I haven't finish my illustration, i'll be uploading more with a better quality soon!) 




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