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Hello everyone! My name is Tudor, I am a 17 year old photographer who loves running around the city with friends, capturing what it has to offer with my 70D. Hope you all enjoy, any and all feedback is welcolme!

I recently created an instagram account exclusivly for photos I take with my 70D, if you'd like to cheack it out, click here!  

In my home town, Calgary, there is a sculpture of a head in front of a newly constructed building. You are able to enter inside the head, as I did in this photo. Once inside the sculpture, its still as if the face is facing you, which I thought was awesome. I asked a friend of mine to be a subject in the photo, in order to add another dimension and help set the tone.

I asked the same friend of mine to stand infront of another sculpture located in downtown Calgary. The sculpture changes colour, but still would have been rather dull to photograph on its own. I took a long exposed picture (about a second) and asked my friend to quickly move his head while the shutter was open to add the cool motion blur effect.

HypeBeast VSCO cam filters are awesome!

Messing around with a friend of mine in the suburbs of Calgary. 


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