*Cries is Adobe CS6*

*Cries is Adobe CS6* - student project

I had no idea how big the difference in software was between cs6 and cc. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears I found a way how to make corners round, it only takes like 10 minutes per corner... I was afraid what the rest of the course would hold...

Project 1: Shape tool animal

*Cries is Adobe CS6* - image 1 - student project

Project 2: The ugly duckling....pigeon
Me and the gradient tool weren't really friends at this point.


*Cries is Adobe CS6* - image 2 - student project


Project 3: Redraw the Owl
Well since I didn't have the curvature tool, I just skipped that step and screamed into the void until I mastered the pen tool and was able to finish this project.


*Cries is Adobe CS6* - image 3 - student project


Project 4: Freehand drawing and pencil tool
My creative juices were not flowing for this one..

*Cries is Adobe CS6* - image 4 - student project


Project 5: Love Redraw
This started out really well and then ended terrible. The ''V'' was an absolute nightmare. I did my best...


*Cries is Adobe CS6* - image 5 - student project


Project 6: Pet Obesity logo:
I enjoy fat animals, so this was fun. I cheated by drawing the hamsterdog on a different software...


*Cries is Adobe CS6* - image 6 - student project


Project 7: Flowers
I loved this more than I thought! I think I made some pretty shapes, and I've always loved gradients! Also me and the gradient tools are bros at this point.


*Cries is Adobe CS6* - image 7 - student project


Project 8: Patterns
Again I cheated by using a drawing I had made beforehand, but this was really nice to learn.


*Cries is Adobe CS6* - image 8 - student project


Project x: Vectorized Images?
This is always fun, used my cosplay photos for the project.


*Cries is Adobe CS6* - image 9 - student project

*Cries is Adobe CS6* - image 10 - student projectI want to redraw this by hand rather than just use the image trace.

This is was really fun, I love the body of work I had from this project and I learnt a lot, now I feel comfortable using Illustrator more. Also now by the end I got CC'15 so it no longer takes 3 years to round the corners of a square!