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**Published** Cocktail Chalkboard Art: a fun summer decor project

This is a fun project where I'll  teach you how to create, from scratch, a chalkboard and the art on it just in time for your summer gatherings.

As I keep practicing my skills in a June's brush lettering challenge from Instagram, I've found a fun way connecting my job, all the lettering process and a fun theme in a one of a kind project.

A get together party decor and, later, a must keep at home board.

Grab a drink and a chalk! Let's have some fun!



You'll need a piece of fiberboard any size, color and white chalk, 2 pieces of cloth, chalkboard paint, a small piece of fine sandpaper,  foam roller, paint tray, q tips and newspaper.

2-preparing the board

Sand, clean and paint your fiberboard


Look for great fonts or use your own. Create a Pinterest account for chalkboard inspiration

4-lettering and sizes

Customize the lettering, arrange the best size and composition for your board.

5-transfering the design

How to transfer the words and designs to your chalkboard.

6-chalk art

How to use the chalk, clean mistakes and finish your art.

Project description:

Following my videos and step by step description, you'll be able to create your own chalkboard art with the most popular drink in Brazil called Caipirinha or your favorite one.

You just need to grab the materials on the list.

Please post your project here, I'd love to see it!

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