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**Now Published** Creative Meditation: A 3-Day Meditation Challenge

***Class Published***

I want to say a big thanks to the community and staff for all the support.

Feel free to sign-up to my free class to reap the benefits of a meditation practice, let me know and I will offer feedback for your class too. ** Just two students away from the magic number :) **

Thank you :)

Intro Video

Mini Meditation Masterclass Intro Video


From tech billionaires to housewives, millions of people around the world are reaping the benefits of a daily meditation practice. However, many people go about learning meditation in the wrong way.

To be honest, I never really 'got' the process of sitting there just thinking about nothing for a set period of time -- in fact, it made me feel so frustrated! So I dived deeper into the world of meditation, travelled to India and Thailand to study, and I discovered that there are hundreds of techniques that can be used to calm the mind, promote well-being, glimpse our greatness, and attract more of what we want into our lives.

In this course, you will listen to one fun and creative guided meditation per day over three days. From a loving kindness meditation to an escape to paradise audio, each meditation has a different approach so that you can experience different elements of meditation and discover what really lights you up.

Happy Meditating!


Class Outline

  • Mini Meditation Masterclass Welcome Intro
  • Three Wishes
  • Loving Kindness
  • The Lagoon

Class Outline Overview


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