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樹人 by Shurén Projects



十年树木, 百年树人(shí nián shù mù , bǎi nián shù rén)

It takes ten years to nurture a seedling into a tree, but it would literally take hundreds and hundreds of years to make a man of oneself.

Taking our name Shuren(树人) from the aforementioned proverb, Shuren Projects embodies ceaseless growth and maturity in an approach to tailoring menswear that is strictly modern. Aesthetic, functionality, ideology—all coincide within a metaphysical seedling that is never aimed at a particular end, but always at continuously becoming better.

think and become 

Our slogan is intended to be short but weighty, imagine the greater impact generated by a minute contact with a surface area. "Think and become" entails the greatest weight to life.

A becoming à la Rimbaud, we must be absolutely moderne.


The idea of this logo?

We liked the idea of a timeless icon, something that would provide a minimalist, yet classy swagger. The bonsai tree, prevalent across China and Japan provided us with a calm, contemplative image that we felt people could identify with our approach to menswear. Like a shadow, the bonsai silhouette represents the philosophy we embody, which we hope will be with our customers in all their endeavours.

Wordmark logo on our size tag.

Shuren Projects: Storytelling through your first collection.

Customer profile:

We do not really believe in constraining our product to any particular group, though Shuren is quite popular among individuals from university students to working class. Being a menswear label, we naturally welcome any individual, be it youth, working class, older folk or anybody who needs a nicely tailored shirt

Each garment is tailor made in Malaysia. Since our establishment in 2012, our customers have been primarily from South East Asia.



Our first collection was naturally titled—Debut. Having been overseas for our university studies for so many years, we felt almost regretful to our homeland; we desperately wanted to give back. The concept for Debut is based on utilising earth toned colours that symbolise the (often overlooked) rural areas of Malaysia, the so called "suburban kampung" that we feel to really breathe life.

Life, ruralism, earth. We felt we were on the right track. Having sourced some fine batik sutera, we proceeded to implement it into our very first run of tee shirts and non-tuck in shirts. At the same time, we wanted to send out a message not only to locals but also to the watching world—that quality garments such as yours truly could be produced in our motherland that is Malaysia. 

Thus quite simply, we are against mass production. The Shuren team remains adamant that all products be it tee shirt, shirt or pants, have to be proudly made in Malaysia.

Lookbook "Escape" (outdoor)

Batik pocket tee

 Batik poplin shirt

Batik oxford shirt

Lookbook studio shoot:

srsrsr tee

splash tee

Corduroy patch oxford shirt

Alo'halo hawaiian shirt

High and dry shirt


As of now, our products are exclusively sold online and in a few select boutiques. We plan to grow slowly but surely, instead of rushing into mass department stores. We welcome buyers who are interested in bringing the Shuren aesthetic to their boutiques.

Products line-up


Shuren shirts are tailor fitted to the Asian body build, by subtly shortening the shirt and sleeve length. Our head designer, ThengWei hopes that this will help catalyse the death of bagginess and tragically ill fitting shirts. We source premium fabric such as oxford, poplin, chambray and printed cotton from all over the world, though we admittedly have a fetish for Italian cotton(it's just so soft). All shirts buttons are 3mm thick mother of pearl. Our signature “SR” embroidery is found near the shirt hem.


The emphasis of an Asian body fit is also brought over to our tee shirt range. Our bonsai silhouette is found on the sleeve in the form of embroidery. We use the best cotton we could get our hands on. 100% interlock cotton with a restructured collar for better durability and comfort. 

Chino Pants

Shuren Projects offers a wide variety of basic colored cotton twill pants to customers. Once again, the pants are also tailored for the Asian body build. Currently we only provide one fit for pants—the slim tapered cut. Premium cotton twill is sourced from mills in Italy. Brass zippers are used as they do not rust as easily, or as much as steel zipper do. Additionally and they exude a shiny, pristine metal finish that we find to be quite sublime.


Once again we reiterate that all Shuren products are proudly made in Malaysia by experienced tailors that have worked in the industry for more than 30 years.



Instagram: @shurenprojects





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