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❤ LOVE Quora! ❤ Answers + 2 Blogs Skillshare Teachers Can Join! ❤

I am a HUGE fan of Quora. I have been a member for 5 years, although I have only recently become active again. I have started MANY people on that site and promoted many others through my SEO business that I ran in a previous life lol

If anyone would like to follow me, my profile is

I have answered a few cooking questions that corresponded to my courses, as well. For example:

I also started a blog that any Skillshare teacher who does culinary courses can post to; you can learn more about that here: Calling All Skillshare Culinary Teachers!

I am working on a course that is part of my new "Covert Marketing Techniques" series that takes a look at all of the different ways Quora can be used to market your Skillshare courses as well as any other site you wish. ***UPDATE*** This is now published if anyone is interested:

For that course, I created a blog on Quora dedicated to Skillshare course marketing that other people can post to, if they would like their answers to be seen by more people. If you would like to join in, you can here: Skillshare Course Marketing - I literally JUST made it today, so it is brand-spanking new and just out of the box. I am going to be actively growing it, however, and want to make it a place for teachers to share their questions and answers on how to market their courses and grow their student following. Links to your answers will be allowed with informative posts.

If you would like to join (Jan - I already sent you an invite!) - let me know your Quora profile name so I can send you an invite!

Happy promoting!


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