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☞ Popless ☜ Recycled Skateboard Wooden Rings

extra update 27th of june:

I just did this Illustration for a flyer or a postcard.

Update 18th of june:

SMALL INFO: Click on the pictures to enlange them so you can appreciate details ;)

- the illustration of the skateboard "brakes" as you close the box.

- the wooden sheet indicates information about the wood of each ring, like: which was the actual board brand, where it got broken (city), which trick was tryied as it got broken ,the date and the area where the ring was cut off the board.

- every single ring has its own "background" with its name printed on recycled cardboard.

- boxes where screen printed by hand.

well this is the final version of my project.

goals achieved:

- Concept name

- Ring Boxes

- Layout

- Illustration / Lettering

- 2 color print


- t-shirt print

- The box looks like a skateboard ramp when it is open (see the last picture)

- a lot of fun!

+ everything was hand - made / printed

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Update 13th of june:

I realized that I forgot to tell something about the naming of the label.

well POP in skateboarding is the the first step when doing a trick like ollie or or anything where you ''pop'' the board off the ground. its also said that when a board is new it has a lot of pop and take off the ground very quickly and easily.. when a board gets older it looses its pop and may get cracked at some point. 

and these rings are produced 100% out of cracked boards.

so thats the small story about the "POPless" 

(sorry,no pictures this time I will screen print the boxes tomorrow and make some pictures of the results)

Update 9th of june:

hi there!

well I've been working a lot on the final details...

I also decided to create a different display background for each type of ring fitting their shapes, here you see 3 examples of them and the final version of he 50-50 shape:

this is not the final version of the box.. ist just a photoshop preview of it ;)

feedbacks are very welcome!

Update 5th of june:

     - hi there! Im currently working on a kindda inlay/Cerificate that is going to lay in the the box together with the ring as a small gift, giving a background about the board that was used on the production and where and when it got broken. just to make it a little bit more unique ;)

here are some previews. I will also print them on a thin layer of wood. 

what do you think about it?

update  2nd of june

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update 1st of june.

Im working a little bit more on the Illustration thats going to be on the outside of the boxes.

give me some feedbacks.

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Hello everyone!

I'm Valentin and i know im a bit late sorry about that...

well I wasn't sure what i could be working on for this proyect but a week ago I was cleanning my moms garage and I found a lot of tools I didnt knew about. so I got creative that afternoon and grabbed some broken skateboards I had and started to do something, and it ended up beeing some rings. :) but it was until 2 days ago that I thought about creating a nice box for each of them!

so what I want to do is to create a box that shapes to most of the rings and create a small story for each of them to make them more interesting.

I also want to create link between the box,the ring and the design/artwork/illustration.

let the pictures speak for themselves:

for the illustration I want to keep it simple and I will try to use only 1 or 2 colors

these are some of the progress so far I create a foldable paper box and did some ink tests on it

but I have to improve the "lockup system" for the rings, but the background illustration works very well with the box. giving you the idea that your are braking or healing the skateboard while you open or close the box.

by the way I've been checking your projects and I like them all! 


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