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My name is Zach Garcia, I'm 24 years-old and I'm the Founder/ Creative Director of LVL. In my early stages, I found my love for fashion when I use to help a friend create vinyl stickers for his car shop. The graphic's looked great on cars, but it would also look nice on a shirt. We ended up heat pressing the designs that was meant for cars onto shirts, and that's just a piece of how it all started. I then knew what I wanted to do after highschool, so two year's later I bought a plane ticket from Hawaii to San Francisco, and enrolled at the Academy of Art University (AAU) to persue my BFA in Graphic Design. I attended two year's of private art school and learned so much in so little time, after the two year's my college day's were cut short due to financial situation's like rent, and the raise of tuition at about $2,000 a class at the time. A few month's after leaving AAU is when I began LVL (2010), in the basement of my family's vacation house in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco. Nine month's after I flew back home to Hawaii, from fast pace to slow pace, I missed the hustle and bustle of SF so I took what I learned also that mentality with me to help push forward with LVL in Hawaii. I then ventured out into freelancing my design services to many other brands in this industry, I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn/work along side some great companies like Android Homme, Javier Laval & his team are a huge inspiration for LVL.  Also got to work with many other brands along the way, it is definitely inspiring for the brand and I. It's now 2013 and I've done a few small seasons for LVL which consisted of some basic apparel & headwear. The brand is its own person, and just like people LVL grows everyday as person, learning from the past, inspiring and innovating the present, and last but not least discovering what the future holds.

Vision Statement:

LVL is a visionary brand, which also stands for Lightyear Vision League. We are a league of people with a vision towards the future without forgetting the past. Everyday we continue to walk our path to take our lives to the next level through inspiration, innovation, or discovery. We set a strong foundation at the bottom of the pyramid for those who aren't leaders, in direction to move upwards to our goals or whatever we are set out to do, and with that is our slogan we represent and stand by proudly which is... "Rise Above & Beyond". Our face is towards the future and our back is to the basics... Stay tuned into the future.

Watch our "Vision Statement" video: http://vimeo.com/50284019

Main Logo:



LVL Flag & Colors:

- Monochoromatic

- Black: Represent's our past and hardships in life.

- White: Represent's our present and accomplishments in life.

- Gray: Represent's our future and the unknown characteristics we have yet to discover.

LVL Mascot:

- The Unknown Mask: Everyone alway's gives respect to the past for paving the way, or the present for innovating the basics, but what we can't forget is the discovery of the future. Also goes to show the future is unknown, we must respect that as well. Many people can relate to this mask, because it's in all of us.

Past Seasons:

Video Projects:

LVL x New Sense Ent. - "The Rising of Star's" (Short Film) 


Music Projects:

LVL Mixtape by DJ Goose 


S/S 2013:

LVL Webstore:



Flip The Bird (FTB) music artist Prie spotted in LVL S/S 2013 "Equalibrium" Tee.

Interview with one of Kanye West's sound engineer's and good friend of our's GR△VES (Christian Mochizuki)

Mister "Snapback's & Tattoo's" himself music artist Driicky Graham, holding our "Vizion" Snapback (Fall 2012).

Web Related Links:

Website: www.lvlbrand.com

Store: shop.lvlbrand.com

Facebook: facebook.com/lvlbrand

Twitter: twitter.com/lvlbrand

Instagram: instagram.com/lvlbrand

Tumblr: lvlbrand.tumblr.com

Vimeo: vimeo.com/lvlbrand

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/lvlbrand

Email: [email protected]


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