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∆the pathmaker∆

"Some have said it is just a deer.  Others say it might be a trans-dimensional being, or even some woodland druid.  What seperates this forest-dwelling phantom from any other sasquatch or yeti are witness accounts of it carrying a gas camping lantern, illuminating every shadowy step it takes.  Even stranger are reports of unexplained paths appearing in the more densely wooded areas the creature has been spotted.  All such paths are undocumented and seem to vanish without a trace"

These are my frist couple iterations of my toy - "The Pathmaker".  I feel like really good toys have a sort of narrative or origin story, just like characters of folklore.  That's what i'm going for with this one.   


My images reflect vibrant patterns, mysterious beings, and objects with hidden powers.  These ideas seem like an easy blend but it resonated with me when Paul addressed complexity.  I feel like my source material all draws from a singular mood with an monotone aesthetic.  I want my toys to be more than just pretty things to look at.  I'm more interested in challenging myself to make something truly provocative.  Any ideas how i can give more depth to my otherworldly inspirations?

Haida Bird Design

Oxacan Wood Carvings

Quartz Crystals

Buddist Memorial Tablets

Silky Anteater

Wendigo sketch

Danger - French DJ

Black Leopard

Bioluminescent Fungi

Graffiti'd Skate Decks

series of rubber ducks

Series of Ducks

issac hayes with turban

brooklyn lanterns

Brooklyn Lanterns

Japanese motifs

Blue Koi Fish


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