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Jennifer Han

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※ rebuilding deuce

duece is an original character that i created in late 2007, or at least that's what my oldest drawings i have of him tell me. he started off being in a band, with three other members (that i've also redesigned recently, and also plan to redraw again). obviously that was an idea i scrapped pretty quickly and suddenly he was a blank slate. all he had was his personality, which was a typical brash, foul-mouthed hooligan kinda guy.

he's currently still in limbo. here's to hoping he finds a good home.



in his early stages, he went through a lot of outfit and personality changes. there was a time i made him wear ruffled open shirts all day every day and was obsessed with fashion. i decided to narrow this down to just...shoes. shoes are cool. he's also very angry all the time so i decided to channel his anger towards something productive like boxing.



his dwindling intelligence and and psychic powers were also involved at some point. it was a wild time for me when it came to my original characters. [this image is part of a comic i submitted for a deviantart survivor-type comic project..thing, idfk.



this is only a work in progress and i royally screwed up the coloring, but i really like how he turned out as a whole. one day i'll redo his character sheet in the near future with his other weirdo friends. ※


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