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Tulsa is old.

Sure, it's not as old as basically everything east of the Missisppi, but it does have some years under it's belt. 107 of them actually.

Tulsa has a unique, eclectic vibe. Captured by the monoliths of homage to the Deco era of architechture. Some have even affectionately coined our city 'Decopolis'.

My goal was to capture the beauty of the Deco nature of the city, without it overshadowing the few modern 20th century buildings we have. Tulsa is also home to a 1/4 replica scale of the World Trade Center, designed and built by the same team that built the Twin Towers in Manhattan. It's a beautiful building and serves as the subject of a lot of shots..

Well... Cheers!


xSCOUTINGx                                     xSHOOTINGx                                  xEDITINGx

                                 My original un-edited pics are at the bottom.


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