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“It's All Gucci”

Instead of choosing a city/country, I decided to do the optimistic phrase “It's all gucci”— which essentially means, “it's all good”.


I listen to a lot of hip-hop where the word gucci is sometimes substituted for the words good or awesome, and it's something I jokingly slide into conversations all the time because I think it's funny and great to say.

Reference photos:

I really enjoyed looking at vintage pennants online, seeing how the designer/artists used the limitation of the shape of the pennant to fit all their text in, whether it be 1 or 3 words. I knew by choosing a 3 word phrase, I was going to need to play with scale and hierarchy to make sure everything read clear and well.



My Favorite Oxford Pennant:

My favorite Oxford pennant is the Hustle one. I love this one because the word is so motivational and almost asks for a response when you see it. My co-worker actually this exact same one hanging behind his desk, and I think it's the dopest pennant I've ever seen. I've never seen many pennants before that one, but I remember when I first saw it, I loved how each letter just tapered with the shape of the pennant— which inspired my designed as well.


My Textures:

My textures all came inside my office, where I used concrete and my table as one texture (#1 & #3), and the middle one I actually took some dirt from an old plant we had in the office and sprinkled it on a piece of paper. First time I actually made any custom textures myself, and glad I learned some new techniques on how to use them in masks.


My Design:


Above is my design. I lurked a few handlettering classes to get the technique down so I could use it in this pennant. So everything to the custom type and handlettering were a first for me (but that's mostly on me, because I was too lazy through my years at school and now early design career, ha). Loved doing all of it though since it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Also added a graphic inspired by the :ok hand: emoji because that's “gucci” itself, and I thought it paired well with the phrase (plus, I love that emoji too).

My Design w/ texture:




Thank you so much for the awesome class Jon!


UPDATE 9/29:

Got a little jealous of everyone else doing some cool shading/better texturing, so I tried giving mine a little sumthin-sumthin' extra as well. A little more subtle, but I think I like it more:




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