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‘The Law’ Lies — Editorial Illustration

Final (In layout)



Final (Round 1)

Here's my final illustration. Representing police lie beacsue they are forced to make monthly quotas. Looking forward to your feedback. I'm on the fence about the money band— does it come across as a police ticket? Is more needed?  


Follow-Up Sketch

Follow-up sketch based on feed back from sketch No. 3. Police building made out of a stack of money with money wrapper as a police ticket to symbolize that police are being forced to make monthly quotas.  



List and ideas I pulled from the reading.

"…planted crack cocaine on suspects... provide false written statements"

"…swearing match."

"…rewarded for sheer numbers of stops, searches and arrests."

"…officers feel pressured… lie to make quotas…lie to enhance their reputation…"



1. ‘Planting Evidence & Lies’ — Police plant evidence and write false statements to convict suspects to meet quotas.

2. ‘Pig Sh*t’ — Convict's word has no value over an officer's word. Police have a respected image to upkeep, but a lying officer then corrupts that clean image.

3. ‘More Lies = More Incentives’ — Police agencies receive cash rewards and other incentives for the sheer number of stops, searches and arrests. The large and fancy police station has the highest number of lying officers. 

4. ‘Lying Enhances / Protects Reputation’— Officers often feel pressured to lie to enhance or protect their reputation. High ranking officer tells the most lies. 


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