Любо, братцы, любо // antique russian ( cossack) folk song

Любо, братцы, любо // antique russian ( cossack) folk song - student project

Любо, братцы, любо // antique russian ( cossack) folk song - image 1 - student project

For my project, I chose the song "Lubo" - a fairly well-known Russian folk song. There are a lot of covers it. here - a link to my favorite one.

Пелагея Любо, братцы любо!


It's a delight

How did the Cossacks
Chase out,
Chase out
Forty thousand horses to the terrible Terek*,
And the field was covered,
And the shore was covered
With scores of maimed,
Shot down people...

It's a delight, my friends, it's a delight, it's a delight, my friends, to be alive,
There's no need to worry if one is with our hetman.

And the first bullet, and the first bullet,
And the first bullet, this bullet has wounded me,
And the second bullet, and the second bullet,
And the second bullet has wounded my horse.

But my wife will stop loving me and marry another guy,
Marry another guy and forget me,
It's only a shame for Matt, my old Matt,
My old Matt, for my pale horse.

Well, see, I'll die in the steppe, the wind will
Only spread weedy grass over my grave,
Where I will lay down beneath the sabers, beneath the sabers of the Tatars,
This furious, curly, beautiful head.

So, this song is about the war, about how young Cossack says goodbye to his life and how he sees his native steppe and the sun for the last time.

I was not sure whether anyone be interested in a long history and folk songs, but then I decided that once I sing this every day for my little son as a lullaby, then this song is good enough for the project.

This is my second attempt to work with Photoshop and my second mood board, so I was very involved with the process and I really like the result.

And I'm  sorry for my english)