Știri din România (News from Romania)


First of all, I was amazed when Flipboard made public the update with the possibility to create personal magazines about a theme or a topic what matters for us.

So I decided to make a magazine about news from Romania, and because unfortunately, Flipboard doesn't support a content guide for Romania, my magazine was created to share relevant news from different sources, like adevarul.ro, cotidianul.ro, ghimpele.ro, agerpres.ro


It was also important from the first moment to use only trusted sources to maintain a quality and to exclude subiective sources with irrelevant content, such as different blogs or others.

And not only using different and relevant sources but also to make a fresh and well updated magazine. I am trying to share at least 20 of articles  and update the cover page with fresh and new content/photo each day.

Yesterday I also made public the page created on Facebook of this project, I hope this will help me to achieve more readers for my magazine. Currently I have 160 since the beginning.


Thanks for reading my story,

Victor Ioan Cernea


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