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Þetta Reddast

Þetta Reddast

Icelandic, literally "this will work itself out," but is interchangable with "Everything will be OK," "Things will get better - don't worry." It is considered the motto of the Icelandic people, whose laid-back, come-what-may attitude towards life is inspirational to some and confounding to others.

I chose this phrase for a couple of reasons. It is a bit of a mantra for me: my natural state is that of a planner and a worrier, but I aspire to be one of those go-with-the-flow types which, when I achieve it now and again, is quite liberating. I am also a huge fan of Iceland and all things Icelandic, plus the phrase has a thorn in it (the letter that looks a bit like a P) which is from Old Norse and is only used in Icelandic.


Word List

Because Þetta Reddast is so intrinsically Icelandic, I included a lot of physical things that represent Iceland. But the calm, reassuring, "everything will work out" attitude that the phrase conveys is of equal importance. I'm hoping to illustrate a mash-up of the two.

Mood Board

When I started doing image searches, I focused on things about Iceland that really stand out to me: how colorful the houses are; their deep connection to their history, specifically their Sagas; the iconic Lopapeysa sweater; and the idea of treating the phrase as the motto of Iceland.


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