Ötzi | Skillshare Projects

Jason Rodriguez

Graphic Designer




This is in progress. Posting as I go in case anyone has recommendations/suggestions for me. 

For those who are unaware, Otzi is the nickname given to a preserved corpse discovered in the Alps. I recently heard a podcast about the man called Otzi and was compelled use him as my inspiration for this class.

Here is a reference photo of a sculpted reconstruction.


My goal is a younger Otzi in his prime.

Inital lines
Probably went too detailed on this but neverthless...


Bold Lines/Shapes
Decided to lose some of the length on the hair. I went for ragged edges to give it a more textured look. I think I need to work on the consistency of the line widths, but moving on to color soon. I also am going to do a slightly asymetrical version of this, because in some tests I feel it just looks better.



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