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Gina Furnari

Artist, Designer, and Founder of Arty Sketchbooks



Ólafsfjörður, Iceland

After watching Jeff's tutorials I decided to go through my old photos and look for moments that hit the points he talked about. I don't have many. Most of my images are landscapes or people walking through landscapes. This photo might be the only one that really stands out to me as different.

I think it's special because I was in a new place being invited into a yearly custom that is super different than anything I had been a part of before. Every September the sheep in Ólafsfjörður are herded down from the hills in two large groups over two days. People on horseback and in trucks set the path and every person in town leaves work, or school, or whatever else they would normally be doing and line the streets to help keep the sheep on the right path. Once the sheep are curraled the families seperate them out by the markings on their wool. This image is from that part of the day. 

Thanks for this class Jeff! It really made me think differently about how I shoot, what my subjects are, and to recognize the images that better show a narrative. 


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