Laura CN

Learning GD myself




So this is my first lettering project. I really wanted to start with a very big word (Aguamarina) but in the process I realize I would be much better to work with a shorter word. So I chose 'Ágata' because I like how it sounds in spanish, I like some of the colors this precious stone has and because in a sense of structure, I had a lot to play with: A,g,T. 


So, yep, I improvised a lot in the project, changing things contstantly. And because of that you can appreciate that despite it may has some grace, it really doesn't have any concept and in this sense it is a weak work. 


Did I mention I am almost a totally a newbie in Illustrator? But hey, I think I improve a lot in a few days I've been working on this! 


It's a pretty piece of lettering, but I'm still not satisfied with it. I really wanted to add some decortative elements and connect the word with its meaning, it's natural forms.

Since I'm learning I think it would be better to finish this exercises the best I can and start working in new ones to improve, and maybe in the future redo the past ones. What do you think about this? Do you think in a different way? Let me know! 

I will really apreciate any comment or suggestion. Thank you for seeing my project and for reading this little memoir! Have a beautiful day/night! 


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