¿QUE? - student project

Hello everyone! This seems like a great group so far, I'm happy to be a part of it all.

First of all, many apologies for the late submission. I work a lot during the week and couldn't get my throught process started in time!

Secondly, I tend to doodle silly things that make people laugh. A few months back, I created this funny old man hermit character who I haven't been able to do anything with. Since the assignment involved quiet or loud, I thought it was the perfect character to utilize. I decided to use him in a quiet piece, but I'm torn on what to feature behind him. The idea is that he is hard of hearing so I thought it would be interesting to put something loud or shocking behind him, but use muted/quiet colors to describe what he's experiencing.

Now the question is what goes behind him? I thought about colors and textures, but some sort of simple outdoor scene may tie it all together. Right now I'm leaning towards a tree-lined horizon with a bear being abducted by aliens. I also liked the possibility of showing lots of crickets, a woodland critter surprise party, wolves howling at the moon or a thunder storm. To really simplify things, it might be cool to do something with an audio wavelength visual behind him.

I just want something quirky and fun in the end! Thank you for any feedback you may have : )

¿QUE? - image 1 - student project

¿QUE? - image 2 - student project