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¥oung €lite $ociety™

¥oung €lite $ociety™ is a premium Japanese denim and luxury lifestyle streetwear brand that provides couture regal attire for the young international entrepreneurs. We source the finest fabrics, garments and threads from all over the world to produce a one of a kind piece that is guaranteed to be cut from a different cloth. Our concept is the mixing and matching of Japanese denim with exotic leathers and skins. 

 Our denim is hand crafted in Okayama, Japan from the finest selvedge denim milled in Okayama.  Our stitching is meticulously sewn by the Union Special using high quality threads.  Our tops are manufactured in Hong Kong with extreme care in production and quality. We offer the basic raw denim and washes but not much more extra finishes on the jeans. We encourage our customers to break them in and design and customize their own finishes weather it be sanded wiskers, stain marks, or rips and holes. Our products age like fine wine the more you wear them.   


Here are some sneak peak images of our FW-2014 collection.

The signature wave stitch pattern

The signature 3 wave thick stitch

Croc embossed back pockets

Our jeans come with custom options to use genuine crocodile leather for key pockets

Stingray leather

Custom antique copper buttons and rivets.

Washing instructions, and a stash pocket behind the zipper.

Luxury wine box packaging

Pocket t-shirt with signature stitching on chambray pocket.

Leather sleeve and pocket crew neck

Cashmere hoodie with leather pockets and elbow patch. Silk lining.

Chambray and leather button down shirt.

Signature stitching details on collar

Links to linesheet / orderform.



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