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Sei Shimura

¥oung €lite $ociety



¥oung €lite $o¢iety™


Short ¥€$ Documentary

Capsule Collection Promo Video Pt.1 (starring Sheist Bubz)


¥oung €lite $ociety™ is a premium denim and luxury lifestyle streetwear brand that provides couture regal attire for the young international entrepreneurs. Our line is inspired by the business minded individuals who exudes the confident attitude of an ambitious hustler with the creativity, vision, and drive to succeed.
The witty designs are evoked by cleverly fusing strong messages with bold graphics, yet still maintaining a classic look.

Our designs are detail oriented and each piece is paid close attention to functionality and comfort.
We source the finest fabrics, garments and threads from all over the world to produce a one of a kind piece that is guaranteed to be cut from a different cloth.


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