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    1. From description: “This new brand of chewing gum seeks to re-energize the category by bringing a new spin to an old favorite, offering unique benefits and flavor. Interesting ingredients are sourced from around the world, such as hibiscus, acai, Australian licorice, white tea and jalapeno. Packaging and production are environmentally friendly and sustainable wherever possible. And each piece is packed with vitamins and minerals”

    2. Focus on:

      1. health benefits

      2. sustainability and environmentally-conscious

      3. all-natural flavors

      4. socially-responsible twist?


    1. Who is our target consumer?

    2. Who is our competition?

    3. Why do people like gum? Why do they not?

    4. What do people want from a gum?

    5. What is the perception of a person chewing gum?

    6. How does a particular brand of gum speak to said perception? Or against it?


    1. Potential target consumer: age 14 - 24, split into two distinct groups.

      1. younger adolescents/high school = sports, alertness, “cool” factor, candy

      2. college students = concentration, study-aid, alertness, hangovers, encounters with opposite sex

    2. Potential competitors based on personal preference:

Wrigley 5


Icebreakers Ice Cubes

Glee Gum


    1. jahf


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