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Ruby Jane Roberts

Ruby Jane Textiles - Made with Love & Rubbish



*PUBLISHED!* How to Make a Christmas Rag Rug Wreath , Start to Finish

Hello, I'm Ruby Jane and I'm a recycled textile artist from mid Wales. 

I've decided to take part in the October teach challenge and make my first class on skillshare! I teach workshops on lots of ways of recycling and creating and going digital is a brilliant next step for me! I feel the transition between face to face workshops to teaching through the medium of video will be quite strange but I'm excited none the less! Here's what I have planned so far: 

My class topic is: How to Make a Christmas Rag Rug Wreath , Start to Finish 

Description: In my class I will be introducing students to the art of rag rug making through an easily accessible project, creating a rag rug wreath.

I'll start off  by quickly introducing myself and the project then move on to a  breakdown of tools and materials needed to complete your own wreath with hints and tips on how to use recycled materials where possible.


  • Prodder:  a Prodder is the simplest form of rag rug making tool and cheap to buy.629defd5 Recycled alternatives to use as a prodder include anything that can prod! Such as a 6 inch nail or half a dolly peg.  
  • Scissors: I suggest using a nice sharp pair of fabric scissors
  • Needle & thread 
  • A chunky felt tip or marker pen


  • A round wreath frame                                                                               974084a4
  • 10 oz Hessian 
  • Fabric to make your wreath, this is the really fun bit: Choosing your fabrics, because you can use pretty much anything you want from recycled T-shirts to fraying light weight silky night gowns!
  • PVA or wood glue
  • Backing fabric; I use recycled fleece or wool blanket 
  • a recycled ring pull to hand the wreath
  • Decorations:  This can be anything you like and I encourage you to be inventive! Examples include: pine cones, ribbons and bows, recycled Christmas decorations, buttons, and fake flowers.

 The next step is an introduction to prodded rag rugging, I will demonstrate the technique with helpful hints and tips. At this stage I will encourage students to have a go on a small piece of hessian and post a picture in their class project. 

Next I will move on to creating the rag rug wreath, showing each stage and answering some of my most frequently asked questions, 


  • Preparing your hessian base 
  • Prodding your wreath 
  • Mounting and backing 
  • Decorating & finishing touches 

This is what I have so far,  any feedback and advice would be awesome! Thank you :) 

Next I'll do my ''Class plan'' and post an update, good luck building your own classes everyone xx 

Update: Here's a link to my class outline:    

Any feedback and tips would be really appreciated, thanks! 

UPDATE: I have now reached mile stones : 

Milestone 1: Start Your Class Draft - Due Sunday, October 2nd  - I've started the draft 

Milestone 2: Class Topic and Project - Due Wednesday, October 5th -  I've shared these on the discussion board 

Milestone 3: Outline - Due Monday, October 10th (Required) - you can find a link above and II will share on the discussion board

I have also left feedback on another project. 


Milestone 4: Your Introduction Video - Due Sunday, October 16th (Required)

UPDATE: I've done it!!! :D 

Milestone 5: Wrap up Filming & Start Editing Your Class- Friday, October 21st:  All done! I used a  web cam to film my class and Shotcut to edit it.

Milestone 6: Publish Your Class - Due Monday, October 31st (Required) My class is now published! Here is a link to my class:  My Published Class!

Next step is marketing and getting my premium referral!  

Milestone 7: Market Your Class - November 1st - November 15th

Deliverable: Start your project in the Project Gallery of Class Marketing: Build Your Student Following on Skillshare; I have started my project! 

Deliverable: Get at least 1 referral to Premium Membership by November 15th, 2016 at 11:59PM to be eligible for your new teacher bonus: I have got my referral!! 


So I've done everything I need to to complete the october challenge and I'm really chuffed with it!! just need to get those 25 enrollments and carry on creating classes now :) 

Thank you everyone for helping so much <3 


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