Esteé Steyn

Rolling stone...



(the) Traveling Swallow

My name is Estee, I used to be a graphic designer, but I quit my job 4 years ago to try my hand at a few other things and travel more. I'm now in need of a brand for myself in order to get back into design and start freelancing and making some money through Etsy on the side line before quiting my current job.

I actually came up with the name for my brand while I was doing my mind dump. It struck me that I had a lot in common with swallows and their symbolism.Throughout my childhood we always had swallows nesting around our house and ironically enough the street name was also Swallow Ave. When I left Cape Town to enter the yachting industry I inadvertently became a sailor.

Swallows have been used for centuries as a symbol of faith, hope, freedom and honour and for sailors they were also symbolic of luck, friendship and family (as they always returned home - like me!). For every safe passage across the Atlantic or every 10 000 nautical miles, some sailors would also get a tatoo of a swallow on their shoulder. With thousands of nautical miles behind me and an increasing love of travel I decided that the name should be the Traveling Swallow.

When I started this class I already had a few doodles that I made while I was working through Faye's other classes on branding (Branding Your Creative Business and Bitesized Branding: How to Develop Your Brand Personality) which was a great help.

Because I collected so many images and created several moodboards I actully ended up feeling a bit overwhelmed and ended up stuck - and it was at this point that both the previous classes and projects helped. I went through all my doodles and designs, my brief the works and I narrowed down things for myself. It was at this point that I realised that I need to stick to something really simple in more then one way.



Because the end uses of the logo will be so diverse I realised it had to be simple, or in such a way that elements from it can be used in various ways. In this regard I looked at simple line designs for inspiration.


I also started collected images on Pinterest for both branding and logo's - look at my pinterest boards if you're interested.



This is always tricky for me, with so many great fonts out there its difficult to decide. I decided to stick to something simple and well structured so I fell back on an old favourite; Brandon Grotesque. I'm still playing around with secondary type choices.




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