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"click, click" SELFIES!

Sup everyone?

I can't express the excitement that I had when I learned (on Dribbble) that Ryan Putnam was having a class on Skillshare. I flipping love his (your) work!

So, on to the project. I actually couldn't decide on a picture that I wanted to reference so I just did both. I'm not done yet, but I wanted to post what I had. I still have to color them and tweak them a tad bit more. I'm still EH about the hair. I think later down the line I'll go back and do the suggestion that Ryan had said in the Community section for my hair.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



1. Experimenting with different hair and facial feature styles.


Close up


2. Experimenting with color. >.<


3. Final: With the final I wanted to try to see if I could make different facial expressions for my avatar. I actually had a blast coming up with them. I went with a monochromatic color palette because I liked the simplicity.


Close ups




There are still some things that I want to go back and tweak (like the hair). But overall I am satisfied with what I created. Thanks Ryan for this great class! It was very informative and helped me get out of my comfort zone and create something I never thought I could. I think I want to try some more of these avatars with other people.


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