Erin Mullenex

cutter, collager, teacher



"People who love to eat are always the best people."

Part One: Inspiration!

For my project I chose a quote by Julia Child, because she is awesome, quotes by her are amazing, and mostly becasue it is true!

As I started brainstorming for the project, the first things that popped into my head were, of course, food related. I envisioned traditional French cooking, Julia's forte, which is usually pretty decadent and extravagent. All of this fancy food started me thinking about extravagent lifestyles. Downton Abbey seemed a natural route to take and, somehow, seemed to fit in with the "best people" idea. Seems like something the Dowager Countess would say...

I found a lot of great references from the Edwardian period so I decided to go with that style. I created a Pinterest board to organize my thoughts. Have a look...


Part 2: Warm-Up!

I decided to go with the word "eat." Here are some of my first attempts at lettering


Step 3: Sketching!

Here are some of the thumbnails that I have been working on. I'm leaning toward #2 and maybe #5 or #6. What do you think?


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