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"Interrogation" Final Draft

Robert James (48M) is a respected and decorated military official with exceptional interrogative skills. After a successful mission into enemy territory that relied entirely on intel that James was able to procure from a captured enemy informant, the team is now back in the US and being honored for their superior work on the completed mission. James in particular is singled out for his unique and revered interrogative abilities. For this, he receives the esteemed Leadership in Interrogation for the Nation and the Government award. James has never felt more proud.
After a raucous celebration following the dinner and award ceremony, James and his wife go home. The next morning, James' wife takes their award dinner clothes to the dry cleaner, not realizing that James had left his award in the pocket of his tux. Later that day when James is looking for his award, he realizes what happened. In a panic, he rushes to the dry cleaner to retrieve his medal of honor. There, he meets Miss Ling (56F), the owner.
Miss Ling is stern and unwavering. She deals with irresponsible, sloppy customers all day long. She glares at James while pointing to the sign "Not Responsible for Personal Property Left Behind." She insists, for the last time, that there was nothing in the pockets of his tux. It is at this moment that James realizes this is no ordinary conversation. He must, for the sake of his reputation and embarrassment at losing the award, use his interrogative skills to get what he came for. 
The interrogation ensues. Tempers flare and heated words are tossed back and forth with an agility James has never encountered. James feels the sweat pooling at his temples while Miss Ling is calm and composed. She will not break! James threatens and screams and promises and cajoles, but Miss Ling doesn't budge. Furious and exasperated, James leaves. 
Miss Ling heads to her office in the back, slides open the drawer and pulls out the medal and smiles as she admires the weight and design of the award with the beautiful heavy-set letters: L.I.N.G.


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