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Desiree Vaniecia

Graphic Designer/ Illustrator/ Photographer



"I don't care that I don't care"

So when looking for a quote, I decided to go with a quote from one of my favorite shows, Supernatural. Just a little of back story is that I am a very sarcastic person, I also make jokes that are not always inappropriate and I feel like I am honest at the most point so this quote "I don't care that I don't care," fit me perfectly. 

If you have ever watched Supernatural then you know that the show has its moments where it has a dry sense of humor and it is a dark show, so when making my mood board, I wanted to do something dark and simple. I wanted to look like something that could be on a bottle of alcohol. 

From there I tried messing around with different lettering options, in the end I did not use any of them for my for my final results but it was a good exersice and it did open my eyes to more options. 

I started to do the thumbnails, even though I wanted ti to be something you would find on a liquor bottle, I found myself drawing thumbnails that were "cutsy." I finally found one that I liked and started to work with it, in the process, I also came up with another idea that I will do later.

I did a little practice with letter options. It was a fun exercise and it helped me with my lettering. 

My first sketch was too big. There was too much space in between the letters.

My second sketch was perfect and I liked how the decorations tied with it. 

After inking, I realized that my right hand is way too shaky, but I plan on using that as an advantage instead of a disadvantage. 


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