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"How will you spend your jelly beans??"

Hello!! I'm Lyndsay.  I live in Chicago and work as a full time motion graphic artist. I used to sketch when I was little but as I got older, I put down the pencil and dove straight into the digital production world. DOH!

So here I am, trying something new. And I'm rather excited about it.

My phrase is rather a question.  How will you spend your jelly beans?

My inspiration is my boyfriend.  He showed me a youtube video one day and decided that he was going to live by it's message..  Here is the video

Once in a while you'll catch him saying.. "I don't know how many jelly beans I have left!! Gotta get to it!!" As in, you gotta quit wasting time. Just get on with it. Whether it's getting out of debt, quit smoking, find a new job, finish a project, take out the trash.... all the above!

We spend so much of our lives behind the wheel of a car, or stuck in an office,  or in bed or watching TV or just plain stairing at the walls... too scared to take that leap or make a change, too tired to finish that project or take time to yourself to read a good book or make it to the gym. 

You don't know how many jelly beans you have left..  So.... the question remains....  =D

I'll also add that I tend to gravitate more towards movie quotes or dark references and earthy tones.  So I'm glad to get out of my box with a more vibrant candy like palette. Another reason why I chose Jelly Beans as my main focus.   

Still need to spend more time with different lettering styles but this is what I have so far.

Just playing around with other words that have nothing to do with my project. :)

Some Layouts!

Moving Ahead. Unfinished Idea 1

Idea #2. I thought the layout worked here but decided to try again!

Final Idea.

BW- Final Digitized.

Well I sure can say I've learned a lot. This will be my final sketched deliverable.  I'm looking very much forward to coloring and framing this for a Christmas gift to my boyfriend, with a bag of his favorite spiced jelly beans.   :) Thanks for everyone's likes and comments!  Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays!


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