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Mitchell Morris

Southern Indiana based designer.



"Holding On To You"

PART I - Decisions:

The phrase I chose is the title of a twenty|one|pilots song, "Holding On To You". I began by using the same font Brandon used for his lettering, but quickly switched to using "Airship 27", another font taken from the fine people at Lost Type.

PART II - Sketching

I spent, in total, approximately 5-10 minutes on sketches. Once I had the general idea I wanted to use, I was itching to get it into Illustrator, but I hammered out the last few details in an effort to not rush the process.

PART III - Illustrator

As you'll see in this next image, the overall layout I chose was a bit difficult when it came to manipulating the font into the shape I wanted.Progress shot

•Stage 1:

I typed out the words in Illustrator and moved some anchor points around, mostly the D, G, and Y, as well as shortening the H, O, and L.  Also, I shrunk the words "on" and "to" to better fill the space between "holding" and "on".

•Stage 2:

I played around with the kerning making the centerpoint directly in the middle of the G, and then split the words down the middle.

•Stage 3:

I sheared each side of the text seperately and pieced the two halves together.  Not shown in the picture, I placed the sheared versions over top of the original, and pieced the top sheared half of each letter together with it's corresponding lower half.

•Stage 4:

For some finishing touches, I added an outline around the edges and colorpicked the twenty|one|pilots colors from their logo to make the words "on" and "to" stand out more.

PART IV - Photoshop

After finishing up in Illustrator, I dropped the image into photoshop and set to work on the final product.  I added a splattery/grungy texture over the lettering to add some character, a gaussian blurred copy of the lettering behind it, and a gaussian blurred photo of a live twenty|one|pilots show as the background. I also added the twenty|one|pilots logo to balance out the negative space in the lower part of the image.

Final product

I really enjoyed this project, and the class taught me a few new tricks to help streamline my process.  Brandon, I'm a huge fan of your work and it's been an honor to learn from you, I hope to see more Skillshare classes from you in the future.


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