the semi active vanity url deathstar. ..

the semi active vanity url deathstar. .. - student project

just updating my projects that were outstanding.. 

it's been a number of months since i pushed this course but i wanted to tell you that i have a limited functioning network of my vanity urls up and running, i've still got five of the urls to fix up and i've got to start blogging more to them daily but i'm in good shape.

you can see some of the sites/network by going over to (fill in the form with email to get twenty five of my courses for free!)

i'm now in the process of upgrading my hosting plan and paying for hosting of these sites for the next three years so i do not have to worry about 'billing' i can just run them, scale them up and add bloggers to them as i go. i really want to be writing as much as possible each day on these sites, they have a different niche as far as output and i think once the eresidency site is done will make a lot more sense in how a network of wordpress sites can bring about awareness. 

it's been a ton of work, but i love it. 

did you buy any vanity urls? - i've found that is super good for domains as well and they have promotions where you can get urls for around 1/2 dollars for the first year! 

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