my embossing journey

my embossing journey - student project

I am really starting to hate embossing. It seems so simple and easy for everyone but me.

I have no luck with the Versamarker pen. It just isn't wet enough right out of the package. The only pen that gives me somewhat consistent results is the Ranger Black marker, however it changes to color of some of the powders. Either it makes them darker than they really are or you can see the black behind them (tinsel and glitter powders)

Several ladies on instagram have beautiful success with the Stampendous Clear embossing liquid and an empty water brush. My results vary depending on the day.

I have even tried straight glycerin with my empty water brush and have good luck some days and not so good luck other days.

If I can get good coverage it sometimes is still pitted looking when other get a really nice smooth look to their embossing.

As for the stay powder....UGGGGHHH I just want to pull my hair out. I have tried the dryer sheet, a pounce with baby powder(although hubby got talc instead of corn starch baby powder so will try just plain old corn starch next)

Am I expecting too much. I also got a lovely Chunky embossing powder from Stampendous but even heating from the back like the container says I get horrible results. It doesn't stick to the wet ink. I am wondering if a glue pen would be better for this type of powder. Thank goodness I only got 1 jar of it.

below are my results today using Stampendous Green Tinsel, Stampendous Teal Tinsel mixed with Zing Metallic purple. Ranger Snowflake Tinsel with Zing Gold applied over it.

I really don't want to give up I already have too much money invested in supplies.


Always wanting to learn something new.