did you get your slack communications sorted?

did you get your slack communications sorted? - student project

i'm starting to go through and add to all my projects, sorry it's taken so long.

for those that took the course how did you get on?

did you feel confident to give it a try yet? if not, how can i help you get started.

the real power of using something like slack is the ability to bolt in the addons, those are super powerful and i use them daily to handle scheduling, clients and just general fun to the chat channel. the other reason i use slack is that a lot of digital nomads (see nomadlist.com) are using it to connect with digital nomads around the world.

i'd love to know if you use slack, even have your own channel?

let me know, i'd love to know!

ps.. .

you can get this and many hundreds more free pictures over on our website nomad.pictures and soon video from nomad.video -- totally for free, awesome right?

Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow