basic watercolor paints

basic watercolor paints - student project

Brush size example. The smallest made of kolinsky, it's more tough - ideal fo tiny details. The rest two made of squirrel - more soft, takes a lot of water - ideal for big fill and painting middle and big parts. Big and middle sized brushes better when made of soft natural hair - squirrel or sable. Small brush better when made of more firm natural hair - such as kolinsky or firm synthetics.

basic watercolor paints - image 1 - student project

basic watercolor paints - image 2 - student project

What concerns paper, you can try a lot of brands buying it in separate sheets, it is cheaper and will help you to choose your favorite:)

One of my favorite paper brand is French Canson paper. Montval paper is best cellulose i tried. Rough paper ideal for landscapes. Satin paper is perfect for botanical art. Grain fin cold pressed paper i use for everithing! It provides beautiful texture on painting, allows to make washes and corrections. 

basic watercolor paints - image 3 - student project

Fabriano artistico provides very bright colours. Love it very much too! 

basic watercolor paints - image 4 - student project

Saunders Waterford is also great paper! 

basic watercolor paints - image 5 - student project

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