Year of the rooster - Chicken Lake Ballet

Year of the rooster - Chicken Lake Ballet - student project

  It is the rooster which I have prepared for the new year greeting card.

Year of the rooster - Chicken Lake Ballet - image 1 - student project

 You can download all of these models in my new class "Animation in Adobe After Effects: Chicken Lake Ballet"

  Link to the class

   I started a new series of video lessons, in which will be even more funny cartoons, more music and dances. We are going to study animation in After Effects, and at the same time create our own cartoon show! You all will be participants of our show – created by you training animated clips we’ll include in our final cartoon ballet. And as we start our project in the year a rooster, I decided to name it a Chicken Lake, with some claim on classic. And so, we offer you the first lesson from our new series of video lessons on animation in Adobe After Effects: Chicken Lake Ballet - First Act. In this lesson we will take a look at the program interface and teach a chicken to perform the simplest movements. 

   I also decided to show my characters. Only I have made them a little differently. From very beginning I was oriented to make quite big animated films, so I had to animate quickly and efficiently. Therefore, I prefer to work with the most simplified models - just a raster image cut into parts: head, body, arms, legs. Most of the movements performed automatically using expressions. Walk cycle, model turn, speech animation - all this movements are performed automatically using expressions. And now that I finally got. This is my character in the Jack Sparrow style.

Year of the rooster - Chicken Lake Ballet - image 2 - student project

   This is his friend - Anime Girl.

   And here I just for experiment attached the head of Anime Girlie to the body of Jack Sparrow. It turned out pretty funny. 

   This is cartoon about new adventures of Winnie the Pooh and his friends, which I do with my students.

   You've got a lot of great characters here. What remains is only to do the next logical step - make a cartoon using these characters. Let us together write a script and make such a film. I would welcome any suggestions.

Vadim Daschinsky

Let's make cartoons!