Why Graphic Design? / Elisabeth Kuijt

Why Graphic Design? / Elisabeth Kuijt - student project

Question 1: First of all, list your goals for learning or studying graphic design 

To enjoy being creative.

To enjoy making new things.

To have a job I love. 


Question 2: Research software you need to have 
Adobe Creative Cloud


Question 3: Research equipment and list what you need to purchase 
Mac 16 inch

Adobe Creative Cloud

Drawing Tablet


Question 4: Choose your desired work option
I want to keep my options open. Can apply graphic design in my current job.


Question 5: Where will I get my work and studying done? 
At work. Before/during/after work or during my break. 


Question 6: Finding places of community and inspiration 
I followed all the instagram accounts you mentioned. I'm also going to check out the different websites you mentioned.