Well this was fun!

Well this was fun! - student project

Hi Rich, 

And thanks for this course. I was talking to my girlfriend now, because last year she had a project of a mural that was kinda based on this sort of graphics, and back then she couldn't figure out a simple way to do this layered paper effect.

I showed her my result, she asked me to tell her, in the fewest words I could, what was the process, and I was able to do that, which demonstrates how easy to grasp it is. In a minute she was like "that's cool, I wish I new this a year ago."

So here's my result. I liked the tutorial, I liked your enthusiasm and how simple you make things look :)

Still thinking on how I could apply this to typography, lettering,calligraphy and illustration.

Looking forward to your other courses :D

Thank you and see you around!

This is the original illustrator work.

Well this was fun! - image 1 - student project

Then I exported it and added some texture and some bling in PS.

Well this was fun! - image 2 - student project

Georgianul Constantin

Learning as I go.