Watercolor Textures: Two Cats in a Cat Bed

Watercolor Textures: Two Cats in a Cat Bed - student project

I thoroughly enjoyed this class, start to finish! I learned a lot and I want to take what I've learned further, practice and experiment.

Thank you, Ana Victoria, for another excellent class!

I love how I can jump right in with something simple and not intimidating - making rectangles as a background of each texture. It gets me started and helps me get over the initial fear of trying something new and being afraid to fail. This is an A3 size watercolor paper (Winson and Newton Cotman Gummed Water Colour Pad)

These are the textures I made on these backgrounds:

The last three aren't too great but I wanted to experiment with drops of watercolor into water.

Then I made three additional textures on smaller pieces of watercolor paper. I really enjoyed adding the third layer of detailed lines (in the second and third one). 

I'd like to get some gouache so that I can try adding details with an opaque color, so as not to be limited by the background color.

This is my final project. I used this photo as a reference. I chose it for its excellent composition, and because it had several areas where I could add different textures, plus I love cats!

Doodler, Teacher