Trying to Ace Excel

Trying to Ace Excel - student project

Trying to Ace Excel - image 1 - student projectHi Al! Thank you so much for this class from the bottom of my heart!!

Attempted to autosum, add colors to box & words and added an alternative to calculating 'Money Left to Budget'.


I also ensured I used fn+F4 to lock my formulas. 


I tried using Ctrl + Shift + 4 and it turned the numbers to RM (my currency)

I switched the settings to $ to signify USD.

I also practiced using copy paste (cmd c and cmd v) for the currencies to see if RM or $ would continue.


!!! Question for Al please or anyone else :)

Looks like if I change the currency settings, the changes would be saved - as shown in the #### issue I had with copying I16 (amount in RM). Unless there could be a solution to directly copy that formula/number? I ensured that I locked it though hmmm.