Travel 2016 Poster

Travel 2016 Poster - student project

I just returned from a backpacking trip to Europe so thought I'd put together a fun little poster showing all the places I traveled to. I tried incorporating hierarchy through text size, based on the time and enjoyment I had in certain places (I spent a lot of time in London and really enjoyed Paris). There a series of loose grids in there that helped me structure the poster although I wanted to keep it quite open and free-flowing to the eye. I overloaded the poster with different typefaces which usually is probably a no-no, but I was going for a more playful look and one that doesn't necessarily need to read easily, I like to think this might draw people in with a curiosity to discover what places I visited on my trip. To soften all the text I incorporated some drawings associated with specific cities to liven up the poster.

Definitely a fun little project!

Travel 2016 Poster - image 1 - student project