The Albracht Girls

The Albracht Girls - student project

Hi there!

First of all: This class is really awesome!
Thanks for this, Aarron! :D

I‘ve decided to make a family crest for my grandma (1926 – 2010) , mum and me, the Albracht girls from Germany.

My first step was to find some inspiration:

The Albracht Girls - image 1 - student project

The next step was to find out what symbols could characterize our talents and where my family come from.


-was born in Essen-Werden, Germany
- was an Artist ( especially with oil and watercolor)
- liked flamenco
- loved Sylt (Island in Germany)
- made music with a harmonica
- made best potato salad


- live in Essen-Schönebeck, Germany
- loves to play piano
- like to paint with acrylic
- believes in god
- is very creative


- live in Dortmund-Stadtmitte, Germany
- graphic designer
- like to draw with pencils and markers
- love to play guitar
- love animals, especially guineapigs, bunnys and horses
- like to go running

The Albracht Girls - image 2 - student project

Finally, I choose these three symbols for us and this is the result:

- Painting and drawing for my granny
- Piano for my mum
- Guitar for me

Then I made sketches and draw it in Adobe Illustrator:

The Albracht Girls - image 3 - student project

An earlier version of the crest had too less contrast, so I've decided to use a bolder Font and a black colorfilling for the heart and the same shadow technique as the wings have.

The eagle sombolizes freedom and my passion for classic and southern hard rock. The leaves are playful and feminine. Our family motto is: believe in yourself!

Here is the final result. I choose the color red, because the crest of Essen-Werden is red and it symbolize power, creativity and passion.

The Albracht Girls - image 4 - student project

The Albracht Girls - image 5 - student project

I hope you enjoy it! :D