Tayler's Avatar

Tayler's Avatar - student project

What a fun class! I've already used what I've learned to create other avatars for a project I'm working on for a freelance client. So that's pretty cool. 

Anyway, here's the process I went through to create an avatar of myself. I knew I would have a hard time making it feel like me - because I always seem to struggle with self portraits. And I'll admit I scratched several attempts before this one. But I'm happy with how this turned out.

Tayler's Avatar - image 1 - student project

I changed the nose a lot, trying to get that right, and in the end adjusted my face shape, which helped personalize it a little more. I was feeling like it looked like a generic girl, since the only thing I had unique going for me was my dimple. So with the face shape change and adding a little smirk at the end I feel like that helped it feel more like me. 

Then I started playing with color a little bit. 

Tayler's Avatar - image 2 - student project

Honestly, I like all of these color options and could see myself using all of them. The gradients are fun because they add a little more spunk. I'm looking forward to using these potentially on my website and social media outlets.

Tayler's Avatar - image 3 - student project

Although I'm happy with these, I always welcome feedback! Anything I can do to improve! Let me know.

And thanks for the awesome class Ryan!

Tayler Mitchell

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