Tales From the Web

Tales From the Web - student project

Log Line:

This is a show about sharing stories from a world made of stories.


The show starts with the narrator talks a bit about how she came across the story she is about to tell, which will lead to her introducing the show. She'll tell the story. After, she will talk either about a few of her thoughts or something she was presented with by the person who gave her the story which is meant to make the audience think. Then she signs off with what will become a marked sign-off. 

Central Question:

Are stories just stories or is there something in them that we can all connect to?

Target Audience:

Fantasy story lovers and people who like story re-interpretations


I really want to do a fantasy podcast so I did have to adjust a few things. I think because I would be writing out the stories for this I will definitely need a lot of leeway with it. At the very least I will need 4 or 5 stories written ahead of time if not the entire script.